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We do the measuring – “SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO!”


Welcome to Queen Fuel Components, LLC – designers and manufacturers of the EZ ADD® line of automatic diesel fuel additive dispensing systems. Whether you need an onboard truck mounted system or a stationary fleet terminal system, EZ ADD® specializes in dispensing additive consistently and accurately in your diesel equipment.

Diesel fuel additives have been available for many years and their ability to improve the performance of diesel fuel is well known. Lubricity improvers, cold flow improvers, Cetane improvers, detergents, and anti-gel components are all common in today’s diesel fuel additives. However, the problem with using additives has been the proper measuring and consistent dosing of additives to achieve optimum results. At QFC, we took that problem serious. Our signature products – the EZ ADD® Onboard Additive Metering System II and the EZ ADD® Shop Dispenser – are a breakthrough of American ingenuity providing consistent, accurate, hands-free dosing of additive that is also economical. We also have systems to dispense additive in your shop, into bulk fuel tanks, gen sets, or off-road construction equipment. Systems can also be custom built to meet your specific needs. We do the measuring – “SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO!”

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